Mark Weaver: A Practical Progressive for District 12
Vote for Mark in the Dem. Primary- 6/26/2018

We need to spread opportunity as widely as we can so that when the tide rises, all boats are lifted, and nobody sinks. Phase in a $15/hr. minimum wage so a full-time worker can live and prosper.

Health Care:
Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. In Maryland, we need to step up and protect that right as many seek to take it away. I support controlling drug costs and curbing profiteering.   I want to work towards a basic healthcare plan and repair some of the damage the Trump Administration has caused that only restricts health care and renders it too costly to afford.

Public Safety:
We can work within the bounds of the second amendment to protect the innocent. Under a law like this, family members or law enforcement can go to
court and present evidence that an individual is a threat to himself or others. If the judge agrees, restrictions on firearm possession can be imposed
and counseling may be supplied. Several states have such laws. Enact a “Red Flag” law to identify those who show clear signs of violent intent, then prevent a tragedy like Sandy Hook or Parkland.

The Chesapeake Bay is God’s shining gift to our region. It is our responsibility to take care of it. We also need to do our part to slow down Climate
Change. Require 50% clean power generation by 2030- kick the fossil fuel habit and create good jobs. We should halt plans for a gas pipeline under the Potomac.  We must reduce nitrogen and phosphorus pollution!

Public education is a key part of a free and equal society. Expand pre-K to give our children a great start. Expand life skills and job training to prepare teens for
the essential skills needed now and in the future.

Campaign Finance Reform:
We need to empower the people so that the promise of democracy can be kept and other reforms become possible. Match small donations so all voices are heard.